Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flash back...

Tonight i had dinner with my Grandparents, Great Aunts, Great Grandma and 3 of my cousins. It was my Great Grama Ruths 95th birthday and she wanted to see all the Great Great Grandbaby's. It was so much fun to see three of my cousins I havent seen in a really long time. I cant help but sit here while my mind floods of all the fun times we shared as kids. From Frosty's flying in old lady's faces to trips to the cabin with Nana and Papa. Growing up my Papa had an airplane. He used to take us flying in it and let us think we were co-pilots. Now how many kids get to do that?! From time to time he'd let us sit on his lap and drive his truck hitting trash can after trash can as we drove in the neighborhood. The boys would sit in the back and pick up the trash cans when it wasnt there turn to drive. Another was "DQ TIME!" Everytime we'd spend the night Papa would always yell "DQ TIME" after we ate dinner. We got to go and pick out any kind of icecream we wanted. Then theres the MONEY CHAIR it was also a big hit. Papa would sit in his rocker and change would fall out of his pockets down the chair. It was always a mad dash into the house to turn that chair upside down for all the loose change. Sometimes you'd score pretty good! Over all i have to say I have the best Grandparents ever. There has never been a holiday or birthday they havent acknowleged or a special event they have missed. I can always call them and count on them...not to mention the endless wisdom they both have to offer. They never hold a grudge and always greet you with arms wide open. My Papa has helped us get our vehicles and because of that we have always drove nice cars with little or no payments. His generosity is endless and his heart's almost to big to fit in his chest. My Nani can solve just about any problem and is the hippest Grama around! They haven't had the easiest life but definitely have learned to make lemonade out of lemons. "What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudolph Giuliani" I couldnt have said it better!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun at the river

We went to the river to fish and spend some family time together. It was so nice outside and even better with the water. It started out as a fishing trip and towards the end of the day the kids were swimming and splashing in the water. We didn't catch a single fish but it was still so much fun. Poor Maylee couldn't keep her pants up. They were a little big in the waste to begin with but add a little water and you got this... She didnt care one bit! She played all day with the sand toys and splashed with Masen. It was more fun that i had antisipated. We didnt have the rear view mirror portion of our season pass so we were crossing our fingers we'd get away with out it. I walked up to the car just as the guy was putting a ticket on our car. I told him the other part was in our truck and in a rush to leave we forgot it. The man was so nice he ripped it up and gave us a warning for not having the other part. We had the sticker on the window so he believed me but...otherwise its a $56 dollar fine. We lucked out big time! So if you plan to go to the river or the lake make sure you have a pass cause they dont mess around with that kind of stuff up there! Here's a few more pictures i captured of our fun sunday at the river.

Goodbye to Grama Nona

This past few weeks we have been so busy. We attended our first traditional Hawaiian funeral for Aaron's Grama Nona. The picture above is a painting she had done a few years back. I thought it was neat so i took a picture of it! We all had to wear white so i "had" to go shopping! lol It was bitter sweet to see all the family given the circumstances. Its been a few years since everyone was together. One of Aarons cousins works for SeaWorld so we hope to plan a trip soon. Nona was in the US Navy and the flag was presented to MIke.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

We went out last weekend for my birthday and had a blast! We went out to dinner and then bowling with some friends. We danced, bowled and laughed all night. I have come to realize it doesnt matter what your doing as long as your with good friends you 'll always fun!

Thursday was my real birthday and Aaron brought me home flowers and a carrot cake! Points for that one! The kids were so excited to sing "happy birfday" to me that Maylee jumped the gun and blew out my candles! People have asked how it feels to be 25 and my response is this " i saved $11 on my insurance, and i can reserve a hotel on holiday weekends!" besides that i feel the same!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So much to report!

So as most of you already know we are 99% positive we're moving to IL so Aaron can go to school. I for the most part am excited for the change but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm a little nervous. It will be a new life, new friends, new...everything! I am leaving some dang good friends behind and life as we know it. We go to IL on the 26th of this month to get all our ducks in a row and then leave for 3 years on March 15th. Our kids dont really know what we mean when we say we're moving but they;ll soon find out. Masen has been in karate and loves it so I promised him we'd find a karate school in IL he can attend. We'll see wish us good luck!

We just got back form the dunes a few weeks ago and had a blast. Masen is the coolest kid ever. I know most Mom's think that about there kids but MAsen is the man! We took his dirt bike but i was way to hard for him to ride in the sand so we asked his uncle Colby to let him ride the little quad and Colby who's older and bigger could ride the trail blazer (he rides it all the time). But being the turd bucket he is Colby wouldn't let Masen ride the smaller quad. MAsen sat there for a minute and next thing i know I see this.....
Masen is all geared up and on "big red" his feet don't even touch the foot rests! Before we knew it Masen was racing, jumping and doing donuts on this big quad. Now tell me one other 4year old that would ride a trail blazer?!!!! Maylee also had fun riding her quad. She has it down now and is quite good with the no footers. She likes to show off when others are around so we got quite the show!
The kids had a blast in the biggest sand box they have ever seen! Tayla and Maylee played so good together with there baby's it was fun to watch. They love playing together so it made for a nice trip! Here are a few of my fav's

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who are you?

There are for the most part three types of people in life-Those who are genuinely optimistic and can be happy and grateful no matter what the given situation. They appreciate what they are given and don’t let the negatives get in the way of living their lives. We all have heard the expression “if life throws you a lemon make lemonade”, but I wonder how many people fully understand the meaning of it

On an opposite note, there are those who are never happy with anything,( who in turn are often referred to as ‘having a stick up there ass’). Not only are they bitter about just about everything, but they often hold on to grudges and can’t seem to let go. They often act out in immature ways you would expect from a child.

Then are those who are indecisive. They don’t know what they want- EVER. They usually end up being the liars and manipulative, conniving people that wallow on this Earth. They can be very good at showing their true self given certain situations, and are in a sense, worse than those who are negative all the time. (Because with pessimists, you know there’s no pleasing, so you don’t waste your time) The indecisives want it all and will do just about anything to come out on top. They have a hard time deciphering right from wrong, truth from lies, because at this point, its all the same. They can justify anything. Even if it means “throwing your friends under the bus”.

Why not strive to have the best day everyday and live in the moment? "In the end it will all work out, and if it doesnt....its not the end". We have so much to be thankful for.